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canon c200 review

Canon provides a list of supported media, so just stick to it and you’ll be safe. RAW+Prores, virtually no Rolling shutter.3. Essentially, those who are shooting commercials, narratives, music videos - anywhere you might typically see a RED camera. I was wondering if I needed to deliver Apple ProRes 422 files, can I convert the RAW file this camera produces adequately for broadcast quality? For example the purpose of log gamma is simply put to mimic the way the human eye perceives light and put it into a linear file most efficiently. And we already had all the lenses we needed. I took some shots with and without ND just to see heavy overexposure and underexposure, and in the grade I was able to match both shots without noticing any noise whatsoever. Panasonic color science versus Canon color science. (Update: we did a DJI Ronin S review and the C200 works great). Many of the C200 owners believed that the reason for not accepting the C200 is the Cinema RAW Light, which … So, having the controls at the back of the camera is a huge improvement. I must admit, like many others, at first I was disappointed by the low-spec 8-bit codec alternative the C200 had to offer on paper. If you're not careful, you could loosen the already insecure HDMI cable with your wrist. But for many professionals, this doesn’t provide high-enough quality and, as a result, this camera seems to offer something that suits high-end shoots as well as the low end, but there remains a gap in the middle. How would this work for a space-saving workaround? Maybe that’s true if you’re shooting in Cinema RAW Light, in 10 or 12 bit. The touchable monitor makes the Canon C200 one of the best gimbal cameras out there right now, for the solo operator at any rate. EVA 1 comes along and promises to blow this away. The sheer range of target buyers - from everyday web video shooters, to high end features producers - made the marketing a difficult sell. Hi Sebastian, thank you for taking the time to review the camera so comprehensively – it has actually allowed me to be confident enough to pre-order the camera. In theory yes, but the mp4 from the C200 is really not bad, and I would argue that it can hold up pretty well against most other 8-bit cameras. Thank you. If it can output 10 bit C log to an external, then an Atomos Inferno would check off all the boxes. The C200’s new screen attachment, on the other hand, is stiff and it is easy to reposition the screen to where you need it and even detaching, which was not possible before. Do we know if autofocus or audio capture works in 120P unlike the FS7? If so I’m sure it would be possible to adapt a CFast to SSD adapter just like the Ursa Mini which would make raw shooting even more viable. Let’s look at the Canon EOS R as a first step. We churn through different types of lights, we get more sophisticated in our setups, we spend a long time perfecting the image, all for a shot that only appears in our videos briefly. Considering that this camera shoots RAW, I think a weight of 1.4kg is really good. It would be great if we could get a coiled version of this cable, or various sizes without spending a fortune. ordered it last week, already :-). If you shoot your interviews with your subjects standing up, the controls on the C300 LCD/XLR unit are nearly impossible to reach. In terms of specs yes, but the URSA Mini Pro image is very different, less realiable, less dynamic range and less color detail. And he is right: the EOS C70 is Canon’s smallest and lightest Cinema camera (so far). A side benefit is that it standardizes the camera look and you can make use of LUTS. Finally, a C300 mkII in a smaller package. The C200 demo is essentially a short version of "Chef's Table," and they even got the same director and crew to shoot it and produce it. As we recently pointed out in our article for the Video Devices PIX-E5 monitor/recorder, we found an Alibaba page that showed one factory manufacturing Cfast cards for the top brand names out there today. Anyway, we’re getting off track here. The bigger Letus Helix Standard is necessary to make up for the extra height and bulk of the C300. However, to our surprise, the cable on the C100/C300 hand grip, with a Zacuto Grip Extender, works perfectly on the C200. But for many shooters, ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to evaluating a camera. The introduction of Canon Cinema Raw Light is interesting. Dear Silton, It sounds to me like you base your assumptions on very unreliable observations. Working on this and expecting an answer by Monday. I don’t like the over all look on TV and those cameras suck to work with. defenetly not a camera for me!!! At one point, SanDisk, the Canon favorite, was found to have a serious issue with the 1DX mkII that made Canon recommend all shooters suspend using their cards until a firmware update. It is also true for the C200. Please note: The camera tested was still on a beta firmware. Perhaps each brand has different manufacturing requirements and testing procedures, and maybe the end results mean different dependability standards from one brand to another. Depends on your project needs. For narrative, I want RAW; for event work the mp4 as described in the review will be fine and they have the higher end codec coming. Not wanting to disturb or interrupt the interview, we were able to use the camera completely by itself, without any attachments (except the lens of course), and steal a dozen slide shots without re-rigging the camera. The Canon C200 is available for pre-order now and will start shipping at the beginning of August 2017. In the meantime, here's Canon's simple RAW Light workflow. Rent both and see which you like better! Canon have been doing this for a while and in particular with … If you've ever seen Chef's Table, it's the most beautiful food visuals you'll ever see. Dialing in precise exposure from ND 1.2 is just a matter of changing ISO and aperture slightly. The first thing most people will be interested to see is the RAW footage out of the Canon C200. As far as ability to map superimpose on and off to a button…I am going to say yes. This is surprising to me and something I want to know more about. As other reviewers have noted, the C200's HDMI connection happens to be right in the way of where your hand will typically rest. After using Sony for two years and testing out Panasonic, I’ve been praying for a under $8k Canon camera. That way we can use up valuable time and get B-roll even while one of us is shooting the interview. The EF lens mount on the EOS C200 offers compatibility not only with Canon's existing broad range of DSLR lenses but also with their line of EF-mount CN-E cinema prime and zoom lenses. Having owned a Canon C100 Mark II for three years and having just bought a RED Scarlett-W, the Canon C200 is an interesting cinema camera that fits in right between the two. 150mbps is within a decent range of quality and space compression for both narrative filmmakers and broadcast professionals. It’s false economy. With some work, it’s always possible to make any footages color-match the Canon C200. It offers the highest quality and can give you the most organic, cinematic and expensive-looking footage, but it also involves a process of transcoding and requires a lot of storage space. Canon C200 Review – The Shooting Experience RAW was what most people were interested in regarding the Canon C200. I was looking at 3-year old footage with my C100 and 5D and it looked amazing in comparison. If they do i will buy it but i’m afraid they don’t cause the c300mars2 owners !! As you may have read from our previous Letus Helix Jr article, we’ve modified the handle to fit a C100/C300 hand grip, making it easy to toggle AF, adjust exposure, and start/stop recording. Unlike the C100, which has a built-in LCD unit, with a Canon C200 you have to add the monitor unit to the gimbal somewhere. And we shoot everything in original C-log, rather than the new Clog 2/3 flavors, even though we lose a little bit of range. I was sent the Canon C200 to review, and while there are a handful of pretty comprehensive reviews from a more clinical perspective, in an effort to shed light on its usability I just grabbed the thing and started shooting. 8 bit. Too bad Panasonic came out at same time, sorry Canon. Raw + Proxy is an exelemt workflow.. Went from there to the C100 MKI, then a C300 MKI, now I rent C300 MKII when I need 4K (most of my work doesn’t yet require 4K) The C200 is perfect for my needs and I feel that Cinema RAW Light is a bigger development than people realize. The LCD/XLR unit on the C300 ends up being so heavy, that it has a hard time staying level with the horizon. It offers amazing high quality RAW recording, just barely passable 4K capture, low quality HD . The Canon C200 and Panasonic AU-EVA1 have probably been the two most talked about (and hyped) camera announcements so far this year. The connectors and buttons sit in the right places for me. Was wondering if the Cinema Raw Light worked like Redcode Raw where you can change ISO and white balance in post without any loss of quality which I find really useful. Honestly, I find the price of this camera surprisingly low. This camera on a gimbal just makes sense. We’ve used a Fader ND for years but the color, vignetting, and image softnening are a major disappointment. We didn’t have a lot of time to experiment with the C200 during production, but in a short hour while taking photos, we put it in a few different configurations that make for a much more compact and solid camera package. Luckily, there’s a Proxy recording on the SD, which has saved our bacon a few times on our C300II shoots. – When the CFast door is opened while the camera is not recording, you will be unable to start recording to the CFast again until you close the door. Gimbals like the Helix Jr and the popular DJI Ronin M are certainly up to the challenge of carrying a C200. Also check out “Cartel Land” by Matthew Heineman. We’re terrible, unprofessional shooters who don’t know what we’re doing and are not properly utilizing the camera the way its intended to be used. For those who still need more than the MP4 the C200 currently has to offer, Canon announced that their XF-AVC video format will be available via a free Canon C200 firmware upgrade coming in Q1 2018. Canon C200 review. The Canon C200 delivers excellent 12-bit RAW files that hold up impressively. We had a chance to shoot and evaluate RAW & MP4 footage and we're quite impressed with the performance of this $6,000 camera. You say in the video that there is nothing else like it in the price range, what about the ursa mini pro ? You can also apply LUTs to individual outputs. It’s a tricky thing. So set the sharpness of the Log to 0, then it will be as sharp as RAW. Why? Yes, overlay goes out HDMI. The Canon Cinema EOS C70 is Canon’s first Cinema camera with an RF mount (which in turn means being able to use the amazing RF lens lineup). There are a few things we really like about the Canon C200, like the new hand grip using an ARRI Rosette, which makes it so much more modular for rigging. If there was a guarantee, we’d all pay whatever we had to pay, for dependability. Do you get one large size and use step-up filters for all your smaller lenses? Netflix Cinema RAW Light: OK for Netflix. Our Canon C200 review We rented the Canon EOS C200 from LensRentals, for a fast-paced week of production in multiple cities. The C200, however, not only has 4k mp4 recording and C-log, it also has the newer Clog2 and Clog3 flavors, using the same exact CMOS sensor as the C300 mkII. Even with all this removed, you can still use the camera. Or maybe the colorist/editor on Pawn Stars didn’t push the C300 footage in the right direction? Or does Canon want us to forget about specs completely and focus on the things they excel at: user experience and image quality. And then it’ll take about 130gb of space on your hard drive. canon c200 raw vs canon c300 MK1 image wise. There are also IR problems with ND filters on a lot of cameras. Those 16 minutes turned into another 134GB of data after transcoding to Apple ProRes 4444, but when CRM becomes compatible with Adobe Premiere I won’t have to transcode anymore. And now that the XLR inputs are in the camera body, you can pair the C200 with the external monitor/recorder of your choice, without building up an excessively complex interview rig. Fully Compatible with New and Existing CANON EF-Mount Lenses. The portability, ease of use, image, affordability of lenses, and codec/bitrate all worked to the C300’s advantage in becoming an industry standard. But with some cameras, like the C300 mkII, we can break every rule in the book and still come away with a beautiful image, no matter how far we veer from the recommended exposure range. When the 5D MKII hit, it was such a novelty to see shallow DOF, which I liked but I shoot a lot of documentary, EPK and BTS footage and FF is the wrong tool for that. But I think the C200 is a class higher. Now there are 5 internal filters, which is a big deal. So if RAW Light isn’t for fast paced documentary and corporate shooters, who is it for? Whether it’s for shooting handheld as a point of contact, or for checking exposure and focus views in bright sunny conditions, the EVF can be a lifesaver. Because you can absolutely get amazing footage out of that camera. Even the C300 MKII is looking soft in comparison. Finally, and this point is important to consider. But for many shooters, ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to evaluating a camera. For now, however, it feels a little strange to include it in the C200, but not provide higher quality compressed recording in 4:2:2 10-bit to an MP4. It does 4k raw and has a good mp4 codec if i’m not mistaking. For me it opens up a lot of possibilities, mostly because of its low price and excellent all-round performance that delivers 12-bit RAW. Here’s how that shook out. © 2020 All rights reserved. You rig it right with a Shape / Zacuto shoulder mount, V plate, Gold mount in the back and hand grip on/off and iris on the right, it’s a dream to work with. Either the camera is bulky, too expensive or too difficult to use, or lacks built-in ND filters, etc… But I was surprised. The EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera is a “ready-to-go” production camera, right out of the box. And the EVF really doesn’t take up that much space on a gimbal. I think the media has become cheap enough. It seems that these days nobody is impartial about Canon -there are Lovers (with certain interest)who promote, and haters who bash. The hard drive? I have no doubt some new RF lenses and accessories will come pretty soon. Please test both cameras first and comment on such conclusions after that. But computers become faster, the software gets better, and sooner or later all that will speed up. For many this will not be viable, because they simply need to record too much footage or they don’t have the extra processing power and time required to work with RAW. The Egodisk 256GB cards are rated VPG-130 and I have been shooting CRL to them with the C200 for six months without a glitch. Great for Photos but lousy for video. I could literally shoot any way I wanted, I didn’t even have to expose correctly. Supports Canon lens system. As I said at the beginning, it is really hard for me not to like the Canon C200. Who do you trust? You don’t need to say you can “literally” shoot any way you want. Buy it here: This is test footage of the Canon EOS C200. Check out my footage below: I strongly urge you to either download the source file from Vimeo and watch this on a good 4K screen. Slow motion in 120fps works very well too. I wish I could answer your questions, but unfortunately I can only guess. TL;DR: In many ways the Canon EOS C200 is a perfect cinema camera, and it's the long awaited upgrade to C100 shooters looking to get into 4k capture. The touch screen is not bright enough for outdoors, I mostly likely would use it with some sort of additional high bright monitor. Log is not a placebo, it’s mathematical processing of an image from the sensor. The camera just seemed too easy to use and recording RAW is usually less convenient. I think out of those three more affordable brands, Canon has the best color science and the best image by a pretty large margin. The C200 uses the same batteries as the C300 mkII, which is great if you shoot with both cameras. And which you preferring in terms of quality.. That’s frustrating for anyone who shoots for broadcast clients that require 50mbps - no matter what you tell them about the current MP4 flavor being twice as better as old MPEG2 standards. No spam, guaranteed! But you can change all the values (white balance etc…) in Da Vinci or you still need Cinema RAW Development ? Forgot to ask – will the C200 continuous AF work at 60P 4K? Based upon my experience with the C100, C300, C300 MKII…. Thankfully, the new monitor requires no extra battery, which makes it a brilliant gimbal monitor. Then the DR is better on 200. On a sunny bluebird day, the images look good across the board, with most lenses. Canon Cinema EOS C200. At this point I must admit that after having spent time with the camera and seeing the footage, there are a lot of good arguments that speak in favour of it! Not only is it bulky, but if you have it placed at the front of the top handle, any time you press on the monitor to use the touch AF, the whole camera shakes a little. There is a lever in DaVinci to change WB, but I don’t know how accurate that will be on the RAW files. That would be the realm of Sony A7 series. But if you want even more flexibility, you could add the Wooden Camera C200 Top Plate, giving you even more threads to mount your monitor, microphones, and additional accessories. It was heartening to hear that the .MP4 recording, while under the specs most of us would like, is totally usable for many users and clients for long form. For the record, we did all the research and decided on Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 1.2 ND filters, one for every lens filter diameter we own. The lighting is good, and your exposure and white balance are most likely better and more accurate than any other shot in your production (because you have time to slow down and get it right). Not having to question 4k capture means you no longer have to worry about how to respond to clients when they ask for 4k, especially for very long productions where it seems wasteful and unnecessary. RAW is only in UHD or DCI 4k, no 1080P. This is taken from Canon directly: “Imagine a world where we can shoot 12-bit high data rate media, ingest it into our NLE, and be able to change key factors on the fly such as white balance or color space. This is a really great way to assign your ISO adjustment. The Canon C200 Cinema Camera is a versatile "ready to go" production camera that can record internal 4K RAW to a CFast card in Canon's Cinema RAW Light format as well as 4K UHD and Full HD in MP4 format to SD cards (all cards rentable separately). If Canon locks the hdmi port to just 8bit and non clog, they will lose a lot of c200 sales. $2,000.00 versus $7,500.00 Prosumer versus pro. Let’s talk about the XLR inputs and audio controls for a minute. But won’t deliver in them.Glad to reed the review, very helpful! The only downside of the C300II is that it’s bulky - too big to comfortably use on a gimbal, to heavy to handhold very long, and too much camera for many of the tripods, shoulder rigs, and accessories that DSLR and small cinema camera shooters have lying around. This is how we would have our C200 rigged up for everything except gimbal shooting. He is currently teaching film at Andrews University in the US. We attached it using a Cinevate Universal Accessory Mount. Thinking about which ND strength we use the majority of the time on our C100/C300, the middle of the road 1.2 (4 stops) seems to be our most used filter. A package offering the features, ergonomics, service and quality that Canon is known for are all very convincing arguments that make this camera a no-brainer for many filmmakers. In the meantime, you either have to be ok with the risk of total data loss using a single card recording RAW, or you have to add an external recorder/monitor and related accessories to your workflow for a dual system recording. The difference in sharpness between RAW and C-Log 3 might be because C-Log is recorded with default -10 Sharpness. Overall, I had a great experience shooting with the Canon C200. IMHO, main 3 HUGE points of URSA –1. Hi Nicola,I believe you can select either Canon Log or Canon Log 3 as a Gamma for your HDMI output. First thing I noticed in that the dynamic range doesn’t look so hot in any of these shots.

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