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certified medication aide skills resume

Summary : Objective Obtain a position as a team-player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my customer-service and training experience in a challenging environment. Objective : Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medical Assistant with 3 years of experience in a nursing home setting. Medication Aide @ Dallas Retirement Village. Certified Medication Aide Registry: Search for a Certified Medication Aide. Recorded patients' medical history, vital statistics, and test results in medical records. A well-written resume example in the field should showcase the completion of a CNA course and having passed a state licensing exam. Certified medication aides are nurses' aides first, and must have a strong grasp of basic patient care. Administered daily pharmaceutics to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). Accurately observed, recorded, and reported resident care, condition, or needs as well as concerns, food intake, output as ordered. Maintained a neat, clean, and orderly medication room and cart. Explain treatment procedures, medications, diets, or physicians' instructions to patients. Established or maintained patient profiles, including lists of medications taken by individual patients. Skills : Direct Supervision, Proper Documentation, Oral Medications. Ordered, labeled, and counted stock of medications, chemicals, or supplies and enter inventory data into the computer. Responsible for cleaning and disinfecting areas assist in the cleaning of emergency spills and locate and clean inpatient and family equipment. Preforms clerical duties, such as data entry, web orders, answering phones and filing. Monitored and reported any changes in resident's conditions. Skills : Infection Control, Social Perceptiveness, Monitoring. Experience with various medical conditions including Cancer, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's and Diabetes. Some of the common roles and responsibilities that can be seen generally on a Certified Medication Aide Resume include – administering medicines as per the given schedule, reading MAR’s and verifying patient information, providing safe and ethical care to patients by administering only the prescribed drugs, completing other nursing duties as allowed by state law, communicating about progress or changes in patient to Doctors, protecting patient confidentiality, and performing all other duties in an ethical-legal manner. II. Your resume should contain a brief snapshot of your qualifications and medication aide skills. Nurse Aides support all nursing functions and help where needed so RNs can complete the more complex duties. Certified Medication Aide or Medication technicians take charge of distributing medications to patients. Skills : Microsoft office, Emotional Support, Service Orientation. Patient-focused and empathetic caregiver with extensive knowledge of geriatric needs. Assisted nurses with wound care for pressure ulcers, bedsores, and surgical site wounds. Assisted in the daily preparation of medication for disbursement. Before applying for the job, make sure your Certified Nursing Assistant resume is in good health! Monitored vital signs, such as blood pressures and pulse. Perform general office duties, such as answering telephones, taking dictation, or completing, Responsible for primary care and medication management. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Ensured that patients received and took medications daily, Health Service Management And Community Development. Prepared and maintained records of client progress and services performed, reporting changes in client condition to manager or supervisor. Dispensed oral, inhalation, and topical medications to patients. Certified Medication Aides work in long-term care facilities where they provide assistance to nurses. Dispensing medications out to long term care patients in a timely manner. Resume » Resume Examples » Aide Resume » Certified Medication Aide A certified medication aide administers the medications prescribed for a patient. To apply for this job, you need a good resume along with a supporting cover letter. I pride myself in helping others reaching out to help the community in any way needed. Assisted patients with bathing, dressing, hygiene and grooming, Complete all daily living tasks to enhance the quality of life to all patient's, Observe, report and document on each patient, Administer residents medication per physician orders, Watch for side effects of medication given and report any change to charge nurse, Administer daily medications prescribed to patients by physicians, Answer patient call lights when assistance is needed, Turning or repositioning bedridden patients, Provide physical support to assist patients to perform daily living activities, such as getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, standing, walking, or exercising, Measure and record food and liquid intake or urinary and fecal output, reporting changes to medical or nursing staff, Record vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, or respiration rate, as directed by medical or nursing staff, Observe or examine patients to detect symptoms that may require medical attention, such as bruises, open wounds, or blood in urine, Document or otherwise report observations of patient behavior, complaints, or physical symptoms to nurses, Receive and pass on report for assigned patients to supervising nurse and unit manager, Read and record patients vital signs and report any abnormal results to charge nurse, Follow orders provided and transcribed by the doctor, Receive and return medication from pharmacy, Maintain clean and organized medication cart, Assist the nurse with taking care of residents, Assist residents with their active daily living, Provided personal care for the elderly and persons with disabilities, ensuring their dignity and safety, Monitored client health, dietary, and medication intake, Assist residents to doctor appointments, entertainment, and creative activities, Provide medication to each individual resident, Take proper procedure when administering medicine. Dispensed medicine as ordered by Physicians, in a timely, professional, and courteous manner. Duties shown on sample resumes of Medication Aides include administering prescribed medications according to schedule, and reading MARs to verify patient information. NurseCore is looking for experienced Certified Medication Aides (CMAs) to provide exceptional care for patients in the Oklahoma City, OK area. Provided high-quality patient care as an in-demand per-diem CNA within surgical, acute-care rehabilitation, home-healthcare, and nursing- home settings. Fast-learning recent CAN graduate enthusiastic about working in a hospital or clinic setting. Use this Certified Medication Aide Resume as the starting point for your new job. Assisted with daily personal services such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Ensured that all medication is properly stored, Monitor and report and changes in patients behavior or condition, Administered medications to residents according to medication administration record use the 6 medication rights, Monitor residents and report changes in conditions, Assisted resident with activities of daily living, Checking vital signs and informed about patient conditions. Coordinated with doctors and registered nurses to develop care plans for patients. How to write Experience Section in Medical Resume, How to present Skills Section in Medical Resume, How to write Education Section in Medical Resume. Accompanied clients to doctors' offices or on other trips outside the home, providing transportation, assistance, and companionship. Provide personal assistance as needed, requested, or required. Handling emergency situations as per policy with dignity and care while ensuring physical needs of a patient. Maintained proper storage and security conditions for drugs. As the staff members with the most direct patient contact, nurses' aides are responsible for observing and reporting any change in their patients' condition. Versatile and dedicated healthcare professional with records while recommending solutions for organizational improvements. Assured personal and staff compliance to patient's rights. Objective : Accomplished and energetic Medication Aide with a solid history of achievement in Nursing care .Motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. Reporting the adverse effects, allergies or other side effects to RN, Monitoring vital signs and the effect of medication on the patient. ... V. Skills checklist study guide : CMA Study Guide- Optional- Not a Training Curriculum: CMA Skills Checklist Guidelines- Mandatory: Strong interpersonal and communication skills coupled with a keen ability to work with cross-functional teams. Medication aides monitor the patient’s vital signs, calculate medication dosages and stock the medication cart. Skilled medication aide with in-depth knowledge of medication disbursement Procedures. Assisted patients with bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, feeding, and elimination. Detail-oriented with strong skills in multi-tasking and efficient management of day-to-day office operations. Prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician. Gave shift reports on the status of patients. Stress Tolerance. Assisted in the laundry, housekeeping, and dining needs as well as answer phones. Skills : Microsoft word and word, Excel, Answering Phones, Verbal Communication. Adept at maintaining vital sign information for patients creating a clean working environment in medical laboratories and keeping patients comfortable through communication and good nursing practices. Administered bedside or personal care, such as ambulation or personal hygiene assistance. Certified Medication Aide-on Call-grand Terrace Resume Examples & Samples Provide medications and treatments through proper administration procedures Verifies identity of resident receiving medication and records name of drug, dosage, and time of administration in resident's chart Objective : Motivated and highly productiveCertified Medication Aide with a research background. Objective : Detail-oriented student with strong technical skills and the ability to learn concepts quickly. Prepared and administered medications to residents following established procedures. Cared for patients by changing bed linens, washing and ironing laundry, cleaning, or assisting with their personal care. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Medication Aide. Objective : Looking for a Certified Medication Aide position. Maintain a clean and organized medication cart and medication room. Skills : Basic computer skills and knowledge, Attention to Detail, Social Orientation. Strived to maintain a safe working environment through the prevention of accidents, the preservation of equipment, and the achievement of safe working practices. Provided primary resident care and assistance with daily living activities. Completed training required by the facility in accordance with state regulations. Assisted residents with daily living activities, Prepared reports on residents medications, Ensured that all medications were properly stored, Ensure that all controlled substance drugs are well counted for and keep locked, Ensured that resident's daily care logs are and updated in a timely manner, Provides personal care to residents that requiring assistance, Ensured that the facility is kept clean, and resident's laundry are done, Dispense medications prescribed by Physicians or Healthcare Practitioners and provide information to patients about medications and the usage guidelines, Observe and record patients' progress, attitudes, and behaviors with regards to HIPPA compliance in medical records, reports changes in client condition to superiors, Care for individuals or families during periods of incapacitation, maintaining safety, and personal care needs, while help in adjusting to new lifestyle, Dispose of blood, urine and other biohazard fluids, after obtaining testing specimens as enforced OSHA laws, standards or policies, Understanding of nonverbal communication with Alzheimer's patients to provide them with comfort, encouragement, or positive reinforcement, Monitored patient vital signs and accurately distributed medication. Adept at building and maintaining effective working relationships with co-workers and clients through outstanding interpersonal skills. Required to provide resident treatments as ordered by the resident's physician. Prepared and administered scheduled and PRN medication at meal times and before bed. Attended all required training, in-service, and staff meetings. DDDCA = Developmentally Disabled Direct Care Aide $15 fee CMA = Certified Medication Aide $15 fee Please include the following: LTC ONLY – Skills Performance Checklist, Affirmation of 16 hours of Training, and 10 hours of Alzheimer’s disease training Administered medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician. Create My Resume Provides excellent customer support, providing timely resolutions to produce quality results. Documented patient status into the patient record. Maintained patient privacy and confidential patient information. Reported any change in residents health and provides proper documentation to the LPN/LVN and/or Assisted Living Director. Planed, purchased, prepared, or served meals to patients or other family members, according to prescribed diets. Qualified to observe ingestion of medication to ensure patient wellbeing. Monitored and recorded patients' temperature, pulse and blood pressure. Main job duties showcased on successful resume samples for Certified Medication Aide are monitoring patient condition, managing medication without making dosage errors, making sure the patient swallows the medicines, and reporting to charge nurses. Job seeker resumes showcase a broad range of skills and qualifications in their descriptions of Certified Medication Aide positions. Recognize and reported in a timely manner any change in resident condition to charge staff. Ensured safety and well being of patients. Provided treatment within the scope of practice as defined by state law. Notified charge nurse of medications that needed to be refilled. Took appropriate precautions to make sure residents/patients do not have access to medications other than those prescribed. Assisted residents with activities such as personal hygiene, eating, using the restroom, and other activities of daily living. Desire a position in a clinical setting. A Certified Medication Aide is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) responsible for administering daily medication to patients in a hospital or medical facility. Excellent interpersonal skills combined with solid written and verbal communication skills. Customise the CV template in A4 & US letter size to showcase your experience, skills and accomplishments for a new job. Maintained a clean and organized medication cart and medication room. Skills useful for this job are a caring and encouraging manner, patience, attention to details, stamina, physical fitness, effective communication, and teamwork. Certified Medication Aide: I. Inspected the physical condition of equipment and assure the equipment was in good working order. Certified Medication Aide Resume Examples. Certified Medication Aides / CMA / Staffing NurseCore is a leader in supplemental staffing and home health-care. Certified medication aides dispense oral, inhalation and topical medications to patients. Provided quality nursing care in accordance with resident care policies and procedures. Detailed oriented, multitasking individual. Entertained, conversed with, or read aloud to patients to keep them mentally healthy and alert. Professional Summary: Self-directed and resourceful Medication Aide with 6+ years’ successful experience in administering prescribed medication to patients and efficiently maintaining their medical records. Patient with highly compassionate. Provided educational meetings for residents and staff as requested by the supervisor. Provided patients with help moving in and out of beds, baths, wheelchairs, or automobiles and with dressing and grooming. Provides direct quality care to patients including daily monitoring, recording and evaluating residents. Objective : Certified Nursing Assistant with experience serving chronically ill patients, including assisting with daily living activities and household tasks. Top Medication Aide Skills. Certified Medication Aide Job Description. Whatever may be the work setting, the Certified Medication Aide is supposed to depict these skills – a comprehensive knowledge of various medicines, its classifications, its side effects, and the correct amount of dosage; the ability to differentiate between potentially dangerous sedatives from basic medicines, avoiding dangerous combinations and the ability to stick to strict time schedules. Working one on one with Doctor Maury, DuToit, and Doctor Jones. Interviewed patients, explaining treatment plans, preparing patients for tests and procedures. Experience: 3 yrs. Objective : Highly qualified Certified Medication Aide with experience in the industry. Medication Aide … Assisted with patient transfer and ambulation. Certification is a document that proves you’ve gained a specific skill and is issued by an accredited organization. Performed direct patient care aimed at increasing comfort, psycho, social, and spiritual well-being by providing assistance with personal hygiene, physical comfort, nutrition, elimination, prevention of skin breakdown, rehabilitation, and safety. Assisted with psychosocial groups and activities and perform duties as set forth on the Certified Nurse Aide job description. They observe patients for drug reactions and report any problems to the nurses. While some employers want only a training certificate, many of them require completion of a certified nursing program and a valid license as well. Knowledge of appropriate actions to take in common accident or illness situations. Assisted residents with personal hygiene tasks and other activities of daily living. Ability to follow instructions of established routines. Skills : Self-motivating, Organized, Problem solver, Excellent communication skills, Dedicated. Summary : To become as a valuable member of your team, utilizing and expanding my skills and training in the medical field as a medical assistant. Excellent work ethic and a fast learner of new or changing policies, regulations, and technology. Counting multiple medications for audit verification within faculty by state guidelines. Responds to resident's conflicts/ issues and resolve issue within a timely manner and good judgment. Maintained close communication with all departments and staff members. Certified medication aides also record what medications were given for the day and the dosage in the nurse’s medication administration record (MAR) chart. Adept at industry safety standards and maintaining patient records medication disbursement standards. Let us see what a resume will comprise for a person applying for a job as a medication aide. Accurately and promptly administer medication to patients. Followed prescribed dietary requirements and nutrition standards when preparing meals and snacks. Received and stored incoming supplies, verified quantities against invoices. Skills useful for this job are a caring and encouraging manner, patience, attention to details, stamina, physical fitness, effective communication, and teamwork. Notified supervisor when making the decision not to administer. But the market is competitive, so you need to make sure your resume is in top form. Cleaned and organized residents' living quarters. Passed medications to the proper patients at the proper times. Passed medications and provide direct care to facility residents. Objective : Certified Medication Aide with knowledge of medical terminology and reconciling of patients charts. … You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications. For example, 11.8% of Medication Aide resumes contained Medication Administration as a … The Skills. Objective : To obtain a position in the area of Health Service management or Community development carrying out planning, directing, or coordinating medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, Public health agencies, or similar organizations. Performed all tasks with a patient-centered focus while seeking opportunities for improvement of processes and treatments. Nursing is expected to grow more than 10% in the next eight years, which is great news. Summary : Dedicated individual 8 years experience in health care records management and well versed in health policies and procedures with the ability to ensure integrity and completeness of medical. Nurse’s Aide Program. Writing a great Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) resume is an important step in your job search journey. The writing process for a nursing aide and assistant resume is similar to the writing process for any other type of document. Monitored patient's conditions by observing physical and mental conditions. Administered prescribed medications to residents and maintain related medical records under the supervision of licensed nurses. Provided necessary health education training for patients. Performed direct patient care aimed at increasing comfort, social, and spiritual well-being. Include a header as well as a professional summary, skills, work experience, and education section, as our resume sample shows. Skills : Integrity, Analytical Thinking, Leadership, Persistence. Adhered to all policies and procedures of Senior Lifestyle Corporation. Enjoy creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and I would excel in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself. Documenting patients chart when medication administered. Certified Medication Aide or Medication technicians take charge of distributing medications to patients. Responded appropriately to the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of patients. Also referred to as Medical Aide Technicians, their duties include monitoring patients, reporting changes, and collecting samples. Clarified any order or treatment regimen believed to be inaccurate, ineffective or contraindicated by consulting with the appropriate licensed practitioner. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Skills : Computer Skills, Legal Research, Microsoft, Powerpoint, Typing. Answered call lights and aided in patient comfort and safety by adjusting beds, lights, bed rails, pillows, patients' clothing, and bedside tables/equipment. Understood role in the Safety & Disaster Plan. Medication Aide Resume Examples. Review all of the skills provided in this study guide. The top three keywords represent 46.79% of the total set of top resume … Documented specified medications forms for records. Helped patients care for themselves by teaching the use of cane or walker, special utensils to eat, special techniques and equipment for personal hygiene. Answered patient's calls for care and feeding. A well-written resume example in the field should showcase the completion of a CNA course and having passed a state licensing exam. Maintained records of patient care, condition, progress, or problems to report and discuss observations with supervisor or case manager. Effective communication and time management skills, as well as the ability to remain calm in stressful and emotional situations. All Certified Nurse Aide resumes should list your relevant medical skills, but the best resumes will also include your skills in efficiency, medical terminology, productivity, patient interactions, and time management. Skills : Medication Administration, Patient Care, Customer Service. Monitoring vital signs and the effects of medication on the resident, Reports any change in resident's health and provides proper documentation to the Supervisor, Maintains close communication with staff members, Maintain confidentiality of residents' and prospective residents' information. Provide assistance with activities of daily living. Skills : Medication Administration, CPR/First Aid, Customer Service, Computer Skills, Microsoft Office, Documentation, Charting, Filing, Dietary. Passed medications and gave treatments according to physician's orders and in accordance with facility policy. The Certified Medication Aide class is designed to prepare the student to learn, earn knowledge, and skills to qualify and receive CMA certification Oklahoma. Below, we’ll show you a CNA resume example to inspire you and help understand what you can put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. CMA Online Renewal Form. Checked patients' pulse, temperature, and respiration. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Administer medications, inhalation therapy treatments, and topical medications. Monitored personal and staff compliance to all State and Federal requirements including but not limited to bloodborne pathogens, hazardous materials, infection control, and fire safety.

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