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the lion guard kiara gets hurt

Rafiki says they kill animals for fun, as a game, not even for food. At the start of the story, Kiara is shaking her father awake and begging him to take her on a walk around the kingdom. Kion: Go! Your review has been posted. Something's wrong, something's not right..." he said, cutting the honey badger's rambling about his favourite grubs short. We're here to look out for each other just as much as we're here to annoy each other. The lion guard trouble Adventure. "It was nice seeing you and your gang again Kion, but you might want to change the name. ", "Your brother will be fine, Kiara," Simba set aside his own worries in order to assure his eldest child, "He has faced challenges far worse than this. ", Kiara tried to stop herself from giggling, but failed. She tried to back away, but was prevented from doing so by a snap from another hyena behind her. Simba stared in the direction of the Outlands and the sun as it dragged some of the light down behind the horizon. Fuli nodded, and slipped past him. Before midday the entire Guard had completed their patrols without hindrance and regrouped. The Guard was a symbol of change, a confirmation that the new golden age had started and a living example of the morals on which the Pridelands were founded in times immemorable. She was crouched low in tall, dry grass, slowly making her way towards the oblivious prey (impalas, in this case). He just doesn't want you to get hurt. Strangely, Kion didn't know about this is great detail, despite fighting the conflict in question for a while (he knew that the hyenas were enemies of the Circle of Life and terrorists, and that was enough reason for him to oppose them). Kion's back! Maybe you're just wrong again." Replied Simba. Another growl was heard, this time far deeper and louder, and from out of seemingly nowhere Simba leaped onto Janja with his sharpened claws out, pushing him to the ground, digging deep holes into the hyena's torso. They all finished their catch-phrase in unison as they charged into battle. sarabi; mufasa; kion +12 more # 3. Kion gets captured will Simba, Nala, Kiara and Timon and Pumbaa, and Rafiki, and other members of the lion guard get to Kion on time or will it be the e... #thelionguard Just trust we have taught him well enough to make it through this. Kiara ran ahead to get a head start but then the ground started to shake adn a crack open up. "Good night, Kion," Kiara waited until he disappeared back into the den, finding his spot more comfortable than early. Their morning had thus far been an uneventful one; things had unusually gone to plan. The Lion Guard comes face-to-face with Scar for the first time while searching for a cure to a scorpionsting. The tuft at the end of Kiara's tail is a soft brown hue. As tragic as the whole incident was, there was only one lion within the Royal Family who was unmoved by Kovu's untimely demise, and that lion was Kiara's own younger brother, Kion. "Kiara," Kion laughed in Kiara's embrace, "I didn't expect you to be so worried for me. Kion closed his eyes and concentrated, the wind now picking up enough to rustle the grass, creating a storm-like sound. It was not even pure happiness. ", "Night, mom," Kiara beamed as Nala bent down to give her a caring lick on the forehead, "Night, daddy.". Simba: I need you to take your new responsibility seriously, just seriously as Kiara takes hers. He was not only afraid for himself this time. "After Scar was defeated, the hyenas were driven back into the Outlands. Janja leaned uncomfortably close to her and grinned insanely, preparing a bite, only to be met by the lion cub's claws unceremoniously slapping him across the face. A good hyena named Jasiri. "Simba and Nala are both on that hill watching Kiara hunt" he told, holding a wing out to show where exactly he meant. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. It's just… you're in love Kion.". Simba picked up his daughter with his teeth, and they all made haste behind their messenger. She yawned, deciding to turn in for the night, leaving behind the dark and light moon. "It's far too peaceful, Bunga. The one time he had ever felt that way about her was during udugu. The Lion Guard return to their home, the Pride Lands, only to find out their true place in the Circle of Life is the Tree of Life. Shocked and disgusted, she flees the Pride Lands and attempts to start a new life elsewhere. He shrieked in pain and backed away. She studied his movements, every turn and every flip. Kion stood in front of the Guard, anger festering in his expression more so than anybody had ever before seen. "They outnumber us, but that's never helped them before, and it won't help them now. While Kion understood his fathers rules when heading outside of Pride Rock, Kiara just had one thing in mind when it came to the outside world; Have fun. Hmm? I trust he will overcome them.". Kion ordered Fuli, who darted off in a blink. She is a young lioness and has pale golden-orange fur with a cream underbelly, muzzle, and paws. She shook her head as it became unimportant to her, her nervousness returning and following her out to another lion sitting at the tip of Priderock. The series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel. ", "We've been through udugu together, Kion. Kion could not help but smile and began to confide his thoughts, "I am insecure, Kiara. Simba thought for a bit, as if trying to remember the history himself, before answering. Ono told us you were gone to save the Zebras. Dad? Her small chuckle offended Kion, which she quickly apologized for, "I'm sorry. (Sequel to Lion Guard: Journey to the Kingdom) With the Tree of Life at peace once more, Kovu and Amana's life gets more complicated as they raise their five cubs; Sefu, Shani, Anasa, Aisha, and Tia while preparing to be the next King and Queen of the Tree of Life. You didn't guard very well at all." He thought his sister would laugh at him if he confessed, and that was the best case scenario in his mind, "You wouldn't understand, Kiara. After seeing that Kion has chosen Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, an… ", "Of course, Kion," Nala smiled and hugged Kion once more, "You need to recuperate. Taking to the sky, Ono scanned the landscape for signs indicating the direction of the king and acted as a guide in the shadow of which his companions followed. She stared down at a dandelion patch sprouting out of the cracks in the rocks. Although, I know from experience that you can't trust the words of these kind of animals...". Unbeknownst to them, Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri had watched them leave. As it happened, the Guard didn't find Simba on Pride Rock, nor did they see the rest of the royal family, which led Kion to assume they had left for a hunt. A kind of 'bond beyond friendship' or however he put it. I'm… I could ask the same thing about you," Kion's spoke in a defensive tone. Kiara, Nala and Simba Continued to the elephant celebration. They worked together to round up the hyenas into one large group, be it by pushing, shoving, biting, scratching or kicking. With a sigh of relief, Ono took a mental note of their position and turned around to inform his teammates. Trusting. Now! I can't exactly explain it, but while she was taking care of me, I just got this… feeling. Mufasa’s spirit visits her and tells her about t… "Don't worry about it, it just means we're doing our job well, right? Much time had passed since the Lion Guard had been eagerly reformed by Kion, and with its less orthodox and more diverse composition, this new Guard had a unity and comradery the likes of which had never before been seen. Kiara becomes concerned for her younge… He said…". The moon had taken over the sky with quiet darkness of night. Good night Kion. Bunga gestured past Janja towards Kiara. Despite how few and far between their meetings were, the halves will always come together. Maybe I should go out there…", "I know you're worried, Nala, but heading out into the Outlands by yourself is not a smart decision.". Above him, the lion king growled a warning. He shook his head. She smiled, almost as if hoping someone else was staring with her. Everybody surrounded Kiara, who was still on the ground, weeping. I think it would be a fight between morals for him. Nala paced back and forward at the entrance of her den. At first, it annoyed her and she wanted to tell him off, but she held her tongue because she figured it was a result of his return home. Initially, Simba was against informing his son about his destiny as he is still a cub, however, he agreed after Nala and Rafiki explaine… It went against his morals - the morals of the Pridelands - but it seemed out of his control. 562 Stories. He seemed sadden, depressed almost, slumping down into a sleeping position with a quiet thud. —Kiara rebels against Simba ” “ ... —Kiara on the Lion Guard ” "The Underground Adventure" “ Oh, no! "Finally you get the relation right" Fuli muttered. She waited a moment, then silently hopped down from her ledge. ", "You never know unless you tell me," Kiara had some patience like her mother, so she was more than willing to wait for Kion's shell to break away, "Even if I can't, I will try my best to help you feel better. So just tell me what wrong and I'll try my best to help you through it… If I were to be honest with you, I'd say you look pretty insecure about something.". She helped me out of the Outlands then, and she and her clan were the ones to take care of me while my leg recovered. "Is this your idea of resting," Kiara made her presence known, speaking up and walking out next to Kion, "Why are you out here so late?". I’ve heard of them, but never actually seen them. It hurt them to see their own daughter crying herself to sleep every night and refusing her meals. She slightly raised her head and looked down at her brother. "If they only stopped their violence and engaged in peaceful negotiations instead, it would benefit us all. He stared down at the small plants for a moment, then turned his gaze upward towards the moon. Everyone stepped away from the formation as the hyenas all turned to look at Kion. Then, in one moment, Kion unleashed the Roar of the Elders, loud and fierce enough to be heard for miles around, and strong enough to flatten the grass behind the intruders, who themselves were thrown violently into the air and landed harshly onto the dry ground with a thud, and above the son on Simba his ancestors roared with him in the sky. I'll do this on my own, away from the Pride Lands! An eye for an eye, they say, except the eyes don't taste nearly as good as the rest of the lion...". "I saw you walk out here in a glum mood, so I came to talk to you," Kiara spoke softly, trying to make Kion lower the barrier shielding his feelings, "What's wrong? It was security. You weren't too sure about her at first either, but she turned out to be fine. Kion listened this time, while Kiara just looked bored. He muttered one word, which was enough: "Hyenas". "Who does she think she is?" After almost meeting his demise, Kion must heal with Jasiri tending to his injuries. However, many trials will oppose and test the strength of their friendship and passion the two have for one another. She pawed at the weeds, staring as they slowly sunk their roots down into the weakness of the stones. Nala leaned on Simba as if a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. Completed. "Leading the guard is you're responsibility." "Simba, it's been three days. "K-Kiara? When Kion and the Lion Guard discover an injured lion cub in the Pridelands, they are shocked to discover that the cub has wings, something never seen or heard of as far as they know. Chapter 8 With Ono flying in the air, Fuli and Bunga ran up close amidst the chaos that the antelopes were making. You mean… that stupid song," Kion blushed when he remembered the awkward conversation he and his father had quite some time ago which included a song his father embarrassingly, and uncomfortably, sung to him. I think I will just return to my nest and relieve myself of my duties for the day.". It's probably safe to say that Bunga started about as many problems as he solved). Indeed, these days were those of a new era which had been hastily and effectively swept in by Simba following the chaos of his malevolent uncle's rule. Simba: Kion, Kiara tells me you've asked Bunga to join The Lion Guard. The two briefly play with each other and work together well in The Underground Adventure. However, she quickly dismissed it as a sign of exhaustion. The hyenas, defeated and embarrassed, fled laughing and didn't stop running until they had crossed through the border of the Outlands. "What is it, Kion, what's wrong?". The Lion Guard is the team that protects the Pride Lands and defends the Circle of Life! one zebra said, shaking. He growled again, and many hyenas recoiled in the fear that he was using the Roar. A dreary walk dragged her to her parents, where Nala and Simba bent down to surround Kiara in comfort. He felt his wound, a deep gash across the cheek. (First Lion Guard story.) Said a confused Kiara. There was no trail dripping away. "Mom? "Just because she's a part of the Lion Guard, she thinks she can get THAT close to the queen?" Chosing her target, she drew closer, remaining unseen (or so she thought) until she was near enough. Though both are opposite sides, they are still the same. It was not until hours later did Kiara begin to think differently. However, even in the age of the Lion Guard, there was a time in which all of these morals, and indeed the creatures that upheld them, were endangered by the ever present and ever persistent greed and cunning which bided its time in secrecy. The lioness cub walked out from the shadows of their den and into the light of the sunset, "Is… Is Kion going to be alright? But with his great loyalty, he knew that he wouldn't be fooled by Tamma, as he pointed out that he only listens to Janja's orders and knew that Ta… She has narrow dark brown eyebrows, similar to Nala's. In fact, her concern for her sibling only grew, but she was not one to openly converse her emotional feelings and thoughts, so she resided to give a simple nod. "I've lived longer than you have, I've experienced more things," Kiara mused, her bragging tone had Kion rolling his eyes. Remember Jasiri? The hyenas, crocodiles, and the poisonous scorpion, and Zira's lionness works together to fight. Kiara remained outside for a few moments longer, picking a dandelion from the ground and sticking it behind her ear. A small, defeated sigh escaped the breath of Kion. Following a stunning attack from Janja, the ongoing conflict between hyena and lion becomes personal to Kion, who seeks to put an end to it once and for all. Kion's home," Kiara was practically jumping in excitement at the sight of her younger brother, running up to him and almost tackling him to the ground. They were staring at their son with a smile of relief. Unbeknownst to her, the heir to the throne of the Pridelands was herself being stalked in that natural maze of foliage. The ground felt too cold, too hard, too empty, something that never had bothered him before, and Kiara could not keep her eyes close because of it. "Yes, Zazu, explain your interruptions" Simba and his family turned around to listen to the urgency of Zazu. You didn't guard very well at all." Kiara is the newborn daughter of Simba and Nala. The prince silenced these exaggerations and, in a calming yet authoritative tone, asked where the intruders were. Zazu groaned to himself, rubbing the space between his eyes, "Oh, I concede. The Lion Guard songs. "Go and get Kiara" Kion murmured. Ono informed as the three came up in range to it, "Uhh, I can't get any closer!" "It was nice seeing you and your gang again Kion, but you might want to change the name. Little do they know, the cub comes with a great power and great danger. "If you dare to lay a paw on my sister again you're going to regret it, Janja." Act I As the sun rises, the animals arrive to witness Kiara’s presentation. ", "It's a long story," Kion let go of Nala, "I was ambushed by Janja. The defeated hyena panicked and nodded, stuttering in an attempt to confirm his understanding of Simba's threat. The attacker stood over his victim, smiling. Kion Bunga Fuli Beshte Ono Kiara Mzingo Mwoga Tiifu Zuri Rafiki Ema (mentioned) Simba (mentioned) Nala (mentioned) Adia (mentioned) It was a calm day in the Pride Lands. Simba and Kion have a close and affectionate father-son relationship, he loves his father immensely and will do anything to make his father happy, Simba also loves his son dearly. Cried Simba. Kiara copied. His specialtiesare his keen eyesight andhis intelligence. Realisation dawned on Kion even faster than Fuli runs (which is very fast), and he immediately sprinted toward his family, the Guard following shortly behind him. another crack open and kiara nearly fell down. However, further back on the ground Kion was already receiving a report from several manic locals. The animals all responded in synchronisation by pointing in the direction of a patch of tall, dry grass in the distance. ", "Glad to be one," Kiara nodded, "Now go rest. This went a lot better than I thought it would have… Though, my only fear now is dad…", "Yea, he might not be as understanding," Kiara chuckled softly, wrapping a paw around Kion, "But, that's something that can be dealt with when the time comes. "You drew blood first, princess. After a while, Ono's perceptive gaze finally located Simba, standing atop a vantage point, his lioness Nala close behind him. Three times that sun has rose and still no sign of him. KION: Dad just told me about it. "KIARA!" Perhaps they were finally recieving the break they deserved. Morning had fallen on the savannah. "Come closer, your majesty," Janja advanced on Kiara, speaking in his usual sarcastic rhetoric, emphasising words in a particularly sinister way (not unlike Scar), "we wouldn't want you getting hurt now, would we?" Later that day, Rafiki draws Kiara’s image on her tree. "You could easily get hurt-" "'Hurt, or stepped on, or even get lost'." "Night," Kion did not give much effort in his response. He has felt this fear before, many times he has doubt his own abilities, yet this feeling was on a scale all of its own. ", "Yes, Kion, you must be exhausted," Nala said, "We can talk more in the morning. Kiara did not believe him. ", "I am, but…" Kion paused his sentence. Kiara… When Rafiki declares that Kion is ready to lead the Lion Guard, Simba is at first worried about this, thinking that due to Kion being a cub, he is not ready to handle the responsibility. After losing his sight during the final battle against Scar, Ono passes on the role of the Keenest of Sight to Anga. He is a major character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and The Lion Guard. Sometime after becoming leader of the Lion Guard, Vitani learns a horrible truth about her parentage. It seemed as if he would never stop until he finally stood up. Kiara: KION! 1. Kiara was still wide awake, not from the lack of sleepiness, but from the lack of peace. "There was at least ten of them!" Meanwhile, from their elevated position, Simba and Nala had noticed the ambush below them. Ono is one of Kion's closest friends, a former member of the Lion Guard,and a current member of the Night Pride . He sat down onto cooling ground, right behind the patch of dandelions. He turned to his father. ... (Kiara's hurt!) They arrived at their destination and the old shaman took Kiara into his tree. lionguard kion lionking fuli simba kiara nala thelionguard bunga ono lion kovu beshte kionxfuli tlg rani vitani thelionking treeoflife kopa. "I'm sorry dad, The guard needs me and I cant let them down" Said Kion. In a way that was not irritated nor caring. "I know, get … ... if it isn't Kion the lion cub. The scowl of the queen of the Pridelands deepened, but her patience held with her king. I thought you wouldn't even realize I was gone. Hakuna Matata; Here Comes the Lion Guard; We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) My Own Way; Utamu (song) Hero Inside; A Trail to Hope; ... You could easily get hurt, or stepped– Kiara: Hurt, or stepped on, or even get lost. Rafiki has told me stories about them, and I don’t think it’s a good idea that we spend time near them. Out of his hiding place, the hyena known as Janja burst through the grass, appearing right next to Kiara. The lukewarm tone from him did not evade Kiara's ear. Intellect: Although Chungu is not as intelligent as Janja and even less so than Cheezi, he quickly knew that Kion was too afraid to come to save Bungafrom harm.

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